Does WHFoods Directly Advocate a Vegetarian Meal Plan?

No, WHFoods does not directly advocate a vegetarian meal plan. However, our approach to food is definitely plant food-based, and we steer clear of large portion sizes when incorporating animal foods into our recipes. Since we include seafood, dairy, and eggs in many of our meal plans, and since we also offer recipes containing grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, and pasture-raised chicken and turkey, our overall approach would probably best be described as "semi-vegetarian." Also, since our meal plans do not contain milk by the glass, cream, or butter—but frequently include seafood—we would also describe ourselves as leaning more toward a pesco-vegetarian approach than toward a lacto-ovo vegetarian, vegan, or omnivore approach.

Vegetarian diets are clearly associated with health benefits in research studies. In addition, they often include greater emphasis on food intake from the vegetable group. This emphasis on vegetable intake is near and dear to us at WHFoods! So why don't we directly advocate a vegetarian meal plan? Our reasons are as follows:

More Information on Vegetarian Diets

For more information on the subject of vegetarian diets, please see our overview article "A Practical Look at Vegetarian Diets" as well as the following Q+As.


To see the research articles we reviewed in the writing of these articles, see here.

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